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High Precision Tactile Force & Pressure Sensing Solution

At Micro Memstec, we provide an extensive range of Tekscan’s patented tactile force and pressure sensing solutions that are specially engineered to help enhance your product design and process performance with actionable measuring information.

Being Malaysia’s leading authorized Tekscan dealer with over a decade of experience, rest assured that we can provide you with professional advice and personalized measurement solutions that are fully customizable to your specific OEM and industrial applications. Browse our complete catalog to discover the range today!
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Top Leading Force Measurement Solution Provider in Malaysia

Originally established in 2012, Micro Memstec Sdn. Bhd. is well-recognized as the top leading force measurement solution provider in Malaysia, specializing in providing one-stop high precision tactile pressure and force measurement solutions for most manufacturing, education and R&D industries that require reliable load measuring data and insights to help validate their technology, reduce cost, improve product quality and process outcome.

Being an authorized dealer of Tekscan company, we offer a huge selection of Tekscan’s patented force measurement and pressure mapping sensors, all available in almost any size, shapes, pressure ranges and resolutions to better cater to your specific OEM requirements. In addition, we do also provide other load measurement and testing systems like — Elogger, strain gauge, as well as PEGASEM’s distance and vehicle speed measuring system.

With over 10 years of transducer experience and application knowledge, we believe our team is able to provide you with personalized advice in choosing the right measuring equipment that can best embedded into your products and cater to the needs of your specific industry.

Hence, no matter you want the products for system integration, automotive, tire, steel, electronics or PCB manufacturing’s testing and measurement purposes, when you choose Micro Memstec, you know you’re always in good hands!
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Best Force Measurement Sensor Supplier Malaysia

Measuring Solutions that Fit All Industries

We have all your force and load measurement needs covered with our one-stop automated testing and measuring systems! At Micro Memstec, you won’t be running out of options with our comprehensive range of bespoke tactile force and pressure mapping sensing products as we work very closely with international manufacturers — like Tekscan, Elogger and PEGASEM, to ensure all our products are constantly updated with real-time market demands and techlonogy trend to meet specific customer needs.

Let’s discover the range of OEM and industrial applications covered under our professional-grade force and pressure measurement sensing solutions.
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PCB & Electronic Assembly Blue PCB & Electronic Assembly Blue White

Electronic Assembly

Embedding pressure mapping technology into an assembly machine can help verify that all robotic elements are interfacing with the circuit board components properly. The data can also help the operator take better command over their operation and confirm that the correct amount of force is applied.

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Semiconductor Manufacturing Blue Semiconductor Manufacturing White

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Integrating force and pressure mapping into the production line can help determine proper clamping pressure during computer chip or heat sink mounting. The data can also help in the optimizing pressure distribution between two surfaces prior to production run, thereby saving valuable company time and money.

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Medical Device Evaluation Blue Medical Device Evaluation White

Medical Device Evaluation

Mostly used by engineers and researchers throughout the medical device industry, our pressure mapping system can help in assessing the design, ergonomics, and safety of medical devices — and thus improving the effectiveness of medical procedures, as well as ensuring proper fit of health-care devices.

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Nip Alignment Blue Nip Alignment White

Nip Alignment

Mostly applied in packaging industry where a proper nip roll alignment is important for high-volume printing machines. Our pressure mapping technology can help the operator pinpoint specifically where the nip should be adjusted, threby reducing costs from material loss.

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Automotive Seat Testing Blue Automotive Seat Testing White

Automotive Seat Testing

Our pressure mapping system can help in conducting seat comfort testing on automotive seats to help improve seat designs and comfort. The system is both dynamic and portable, so it can be used in either a laboratory or as in a moving automobile.

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Industrial Application - CPR Manikin Industrial Application - CPR Manikin

Industrial Application - CPR Manikin

One of the examples is the development of a portable and scalable interactive CPR manikin where our tactile force sensor can assist in the process by pinpointing the pressure points of hand compressions while performing CPR.

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Our Recent Case Study

Our range of innovative force sensors and measurement systems are mainly used across a wide variety of OEM, Research and Development (R&D), and clinical applications. Explore our recent case studies and learn how they can even be offered as a stand-alone solution or as embedded equipment to help customers create better and differentiated products.


Your Trusted Supplier For First-Grade Tactile Pressure & Force Measurement Sensors In Malaysia

Over the past 10 years, Micro Memstec has been the leading expert in supplying high-end tactile pressure measuring sensors across the country. Read our customers’ reviews and learn more about what makes us the best force and load measurement solution provider in Malaysia.

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