Top-Grade FlexiForce Tactile Force Sensors in Malaysia

Micro Memstec has been supplying top-grade FlexiForce tactile force sensors since 2012 and has today successfully grown to be one of Malaysia’s top force measurement solution providers. At Micro Memstec, our core business mainly focuses on distributing Tekscan’s patented force measurement sensing solutions (FlexiForce) to most OEM and industrial sectors in order to help our customers improve their product design and manufacturing processes performance with actionable measuring data.

For over the past 10 years, our range of top quality tactile force measuring sensors and transducer systems have been greatly used in every corner of industry — ranging from automotive, packaging, tire, steel, electronics to printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).

With more than a decade of transducer experience and application knowledge, we know we can find a load measuring system for you that can best suit your exact requirements — from R&D projects to high volume scheduled manufacturing orders.

If a standard force sensor isn’t what you are looking for, we do also provide customized sensors and systems that are specially formulated to be embedded into your product or production line. Speak to our specialist today for professional advice!

FlexiForce™ force sensors are ultra-thin and flexible printed circuits that can be used to measure force between almost any two surfaces, which are ideal for integrating into OEM products.

Tekscan’s FlexiForce sensors are at work in a variety of applications. They can perform a multitude of functions like:


Custom Force Transducers & Tactile Sensors with Proven Performance

The FlexiForce product line was developed in response to the unique needs of companies that require cost-effective force sensing solutions in their products. As Malaysia’s leading authorized Tekscan dealer, Micro Memstec offers both standard and custom-designed sensors to satisfy the needs of your specific applications.

Standard Force Sensors

Perfect for prototyping, proof-of-concept, or for embedding into a device. Available affordable 4- and 8-packs, or in high volumes.

Custom Force Sensors

If our standard sensors cannot suit your needs, we can create custom sensors designed to your application specs.

Force Sensors Integration Kits

Supporting OEM development products to assist engineers and designers through all phases of FlexiForce sensor integration.


Your Trusted Supplier for Superior FlexiForce Force Sensors in Malaysia

Feel confident when you choose Micro Memstec as your one-stop force testing and measurement solution provider as our team of experienced and qualified product experts will work together with you throughout every stage to define, develop, and integrate the best sensing soluition for your specific industrial application.

With 10+ Years’ Industry Experience

With 10+ Years’ Industry Experience

Experience & Dedicated Team

Experience & Dedicated Team

Product & Service Quality Assurance

Product & Service Quality Assurance

One-Stop Testing & Measurement Solution

One-Stop Testing & Measurement Solution


Measuring Solutions that Fit All Industries

Our range of innovative force sensors and measurement systems are mainly used across a wide variety of OEM, Research and Development (R&D), and clinical applications. Let’s discover the range of OEM and industrial applications covered under our professional-grade force and pressure measurement sensing solutions.


What Our Client Say

Micro Memstec's work is spectacular and more exceptional than I thought it would be. Their sensors work great and can detect the slightest pressure accurately. It is way beyond my expectations.

Mr. Liew

Micro Memstec has provided a terrific product, and service to match, to compliment our product to be at the leading edge of technology for our industry. It has been a pleasure dealing with a company that has customized their product to suit our application.


We are happy with our decision to work with Micro Memstec to create a custom sensor for our product. Their team has been vital to the development of our product by working closely with our engineers to ensure the best sensor design and most effective electronics. Highly recommended!

Mr. Mohammad Safwan

We were excited to finally discover Micro Memstec and their FlexiForce sensors. The reliability of the FlexiForce sensors is superb, and Mr. Ho has been a joy to work with. In helping to develop our sensor, Mr. Ho was exceptionally professional and friendly. Thanks!

K.Y. Tee


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