An Authorized Tekscan Distributor in Malaysia

Founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Memstec Technology Corporation, Micro Memstec Sdn. Bhd. has today successfully established itself as the no.1 leading authorized Tekscan dealer in Malaysia that specialized in providing the latest measurement technology with a full range of testing services to help customers of different industrial sectors — like automotive, packaging, tire, steel, electronics, and printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), improve their product design and the performance of their manufacturing processes.

At Micro Memstec, our core business is mainly focused on distributing Tekscan’s patented force measurement, pressure mapping, and tactile sensing solutions to most of Universities and R&D sectors for improving their research outcomes and product quality with actionable force measuring data.

With more than 10 years of experience working with the measurement systems, rest assured that our team is able to provide you with personalized and professional advice in choosing the right tactile pressure sensing products — no matter you want them for any applications.

To better cater to the different needs of both industrial and commercial marketplace, we also offer our customers with customized sensors and systems, either as a stand-alone solution or as embedded equipment to help them create better products. For more than a decade, we take pride in our reputation for quality products and excellent service. That’s the reason why we have always been rated by our clients as the best force measurement company in Malaysia. Speak to our product expert today and find out what Micro Memstec can do for you.
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Our History


One-Stop High Precision Tekscan Force Measuring Solution in Malaysia

Instead of providing you with just the equipment, Micro Memstec also offer our customers with one-stop automated testing and measurement solutions in order to make sure that you can get the very best sensing products for your specific applications. Our team boasts more than 10 years of transducer experience and application knowledge so we can supply you with the ideal sensor and system.

Product & Machine Process Evaluation Test


We provide accurate test report (with data from our Elogger measurement system and strain gauge) to help you improve product quality.

High Quality Tekscan Force Sensors


We provide various tactile force sensors that sourced directly from Tekscan company and apply the very best solution for your application.

Force & Pressure Measuring System


We will also provide you with the best measurement system, by embedding our equipment into your product or manufacturing process.

One Stop Automated Measurement Solution


We’ll provide our customers with the best force measuring solution base on the pressure reading and our range of professional-grade technology.

Need A Custom Solution for Your Industry?